HAG Water Repellent

HAG Water Repellent

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HAG WR 100 is a 100% silicon water repellent based on silicone multifunctional polymer technology, which yields micro emulsion upon dilution with water. HAG WR 100 provides excellent water repellence within 48 hours of application which further improves depending upon surface to surface.HAG WR 100 protects surfaces from damage caused by water intrusion and seepage, chloride ion intrusion, cracking caused by freeze/thaw cycles, spalling, scaling and helps prevent efflorescence and lime run.

Application Areas:

·       Primer for decorative coating for masonry.

·    Capillary treatment of absorbent mineral and even alkaline substrates such as natural stone, brick, concrete and sand lime brick, facing brick, flower pot, gypsum and cement fiber board.

·      Adhesive for clays, ceramics starches and latex paint.

·      Capillary treatment for concrete protection.

·      Primer for emulsion paint and plasters.

·      Damp resistant course.

Special Fetures:

·      100% Silicone based  micro emulsion

·      Capillary treatment, to maintain breathability

·      Good penetration and durability.

·      Water thinnable,environmentally compatible

·      Resistant to aggressive air borne pollutants

·      Highly permeable to co2.

·      Highly permeable to water vapour.

·      Improved freeze- thaw resistance.

·      Unchanged appearance of the substrate.

·      Not a, breeding ground for fungi, algae and mosses.

·      Highly resistance to alkalis and salt water.

·      Protection not effected by weathering or UV light.